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The EM certificate

In order to obtain the EM certificate an EM PhD student must:

  • Attend the EM symposium at least 2 times during the PhD contract.
  • Collect a minimum of 15 EC comprised of:
    • A minimum of 8 EC should be obtained from EM graduate courses.
    • A maximum of 5 EC in MSc courses given by one of the local institutes. The followed courses must patch missing skills in the training of a PhD student, as required for his/her particular project. The exam is compulsory and has to be passed. A written proof of completion has to be submitted to the EM secretariat.
    • External courses approved by the EM graduate school.

EM students that comply with these requirement can apply for the EM certificate through the form below. Note that extra credit points (above 15 EC) related to professional skills (presentation skills, technical writing, software training, etc.) can be listed on the certificate. The certificate is formally handed over during the annual EM symposium.

EM certificate request form:

Request credit points for external course

EC can be requested for external courses that patch missing skills in the training of a PhD student. The EC-equivalent of each course will be determined at 0.5 EC/day. Note that only course hours pertaining to scientific lecturing count toward the number of course days (to be assessed by EM). Hence, the number of EC awarded for a course can deviate from the number of actual course days. Whether or not the course is considered as a professional skill will also be assessed by EM.

In order to request approval of an external course, the following documents should be send to the EM secretariat:

  • The technical program of the full course, including details regarding treated topics and lecturers.
  • A proof of attendance signed by the course organization.