Koiter lecture

2022Michael Ortiz
2021Katia Bertoldi
2020Ellen Kuhl
2019Marco Amabili
2018Bill Curtin
2017Zhigang Suo
2016Kurt Maute
2015Stefanie Reese
2014Anja Boisen
2013Wolfgang Wall
2012Roger Owen
2011Oded Gottlieb
2010Herbert Mang
2009Charbel Farhat
2008Gerhard Holzapfel
2007Bernhard Schrefler
2006Alan Needleman
2005Peter Wriggers
2004Alan Grodzinsky
2003Ole Sigmund
2002Norman Fleck
2001Edwin Kreuzer
2000Ekkehard Ramm
1999John Hutchinson
1998Pieter Zandbergen
Werner Schiehlen

For over twenty years the prestigious Koiter lecture has marked the scientific opening of the annual EM symposium. The Koiter lecture is delivered by renowned scientist in the field of engineering mechanics. The Graduate School on Engineering Mechanics is enormously proud to have hosted the Koiter lecturers: