Biezeno award

Since 2013 the EM symposium is the podium of the ceremony to celebrate the Biezeno award for the annual best PhD thesis in the field of engineering mechanics in The Netherlands, which is awarded by the Dutch association for engineers and engineering students (KIVI). The award is named after Professor Cornelis Benjamin Biezeno, who is one of the founding fathers of Engineering Mechanics in the Netherlands. The awardee has the honor of closing the EM symposium with a plenary lecture about his/her work.

2022Sanne van den Boom A discontinuity-enriched finite element
method for the computational design of phononic crystals
2021Meghshyam Shisode Friction modelling of coated sheets for forming applications
2019Frits de PrenterPreconditioned iterative solution techniques for immersed finite element methods: with applications in immersed isogeometric analysis for solid and fluid mechanics, Eindhoven University of Technology
2018Pim VersteijlenIdentification of effective 1D soil models for large-diameter offshore wind turbine foundations based on in situ seismic measurements and 3D modelling, Delft University of Technology
2017Hayo HendrikseIce-induced vibrations of offshore structures, Delft University of Technology
2016Francesco MarescaMulti-scale modeling of plasticity and damage of lath martensite in multi-phase steels, Eindhoven University of Technology
2016Apostolos TsouvalasUnderwater noise generated by offshore pile driving, Delft University of Technology
2015Awais AhmedComputational modeling of progressive failure in FRP composite laminates subjected to static and impact transverse loading, Delft University of Technology
2014Steven BoerModel reduction of flexible multibody systems, with application to large-stroke compliant precision mechanisms, University of Twente
2013Lars BeexMultiscale quesicontinuum modeling of fibrous materials, Eindhoven University of Technology