As part of the four-year PhD training program offered by the Engineering Mechanics graduate school, a joint series of EM graduate courses is organized. PhD students of the EM Graduate School are required to obtain at least 8 credit points (EC) in EM courses (see EM certificate for details), which provides an opportunity to keep track of developments in the field outside of their own research focus.

The duration of a cycle in the EM course program is 2 years. The course program is closely aligned with the EM research themes and is composed of:

  • Full courses (3EC): 6 day courses covering the wide scope of key areas in EM. Two such courses are organized every year. These courses include a rapid summary of basics followed by advanced topics that are beyond the MSc level.
  • Topical courses (0.5 or 1EC): 1 or 2 day courses on specific subjects. These courses may either strengthen the generic basis or provide specific in depth knowledge. About 4 such courses are offered every year.

EM graduate courses follow a general framework, which consists of clusters of lecturing, alternated with (computer or lab) exercises to obtain hands-on experience. In principle, staff members of the participating universities lecture the courses, supported by invited (international) experts (acting as guest lecturers) where relevant.

Each EM course is closed with an assessment. The assessments are graded with pass or fail. Course participants have to pass the assessment to receive the credit points for that course. A resit opportunity is offered in the case that a course is failed. PhD students should consult their local graduate school to transfer their EM credits.

The EM courses are free of charge for EM students. Students from sister graduate schools like JMBC, DISC and GRASMECH may participate in the joint courses of the EM Graduate School, provided room for participants from the sister schools is left. Students from the EM Graduate School can participate in the courses of the sister graduate schools.

Upcoming courses

27-28 January 2022: Solving Structural Acoustic Couple Problems

DatePostponed (27 and 28 January 2022)
LocationUniversity of Twente
CoordinatorYsbrand Wijnant
LecturersYsbrand Wijnant (UT), Ines Arteaga Lopez (TU/e)

25 -26 April 2022: Mechanics in Microsystems

Date 25 – 26 April 2022
LocationUniversity of Technology Delft
CoordinatorHans Goosen
LecturersHans Goosen, Gerard Verbiest, Sabina Caneva, Murali Ghatkesar

10-12 May 2022: Discontinuities interfaces, fluid-structure interaction and Multi-phase problems

Date10-12 May 2022
LocationEindhoven University of Technology
CoordinatiorHarald van Brummelen
LecturersHarald van Brummelen (TUe), Clemens Verhoosel (TUe), Joris Remmers (TUe)

2022 Experimental Engineering Mechanics

DateSeptember 2022*
LocationEindhoven University of Technology
CoordinatorJohan Hoefnagels (TUe)

Tentative date*

2-4 and 8-10 November 2022: Multi-scale and Micromechanics

Date2-4 and 8-10 November 2022
LocationEindhoven University of Technology
CoordinatorMarc Geers
LecturersI. Doghri (UCL), H. van Dommelen(TU/e), J. Hoefnagels (TU/e), M. Hütter (TU/e), V. Kouznetsova (TU/e), T. Pardoen(UCL), R. Peerlings (TU/e), O. van der Sluis (TU/e), R. Luttge(TU/e), C. Ayas (TUD), Y. van der Burgt (TU/e), F. Maresca (RUG), Y. Wang(TUe)

8-9 December 2022: Mechanics of Large Deformations

Date: 8-9 December 2022
LocationUniversity of Twente
CoordinatorTon van den Boogaard
LecturersT. van den Boogaard(UT), J. Hazrati Marangalou (UT)

16 – 17 February 2023: Scientific Computing

Date16-17 February 2023
Location:Eindhoven University of Technology
CoordinatorClemens Verhoosel, Joris Remmers
LecturersClemens Verhoosel, Joris Remmers

Past courses

3-4 November 2021: Solution Methods in Computational Mechanics (EM-JMBC)

Date3-4 November 2021
LocationEindhoven University of Technology
Coordinator dr. ir. J.H.M. (Jan) ten Thije Boonkkamp
Lecturers M. Anthonissen, J. ten Thije Boonkkamp

6-8 & 13-15 September 2021: Nonlinear Material Mechanics

Date6-8 September 2021
13-15 September 2021
LocationOnline A.H. (Ton) van den Boogaard
LecturersJavad Hazrati (UT)Remko Akkerman (UT), Ton van den Boogaard (UT), Bert Geijselaers (UT), Stefan Luding (UT), Vanessa Magnanimo (UT), Semih Perdahcýoðlu (UT), Angelo Simone (TUD), Bert Sluys (TUD), Anthony Thornton (UT)

Stability of Structures 2021

Date23-25 June, 2021
29, 30 June and 1 July, 2021
Coordinatorprof. dr. ir. F. (Fred) van Keulen
LecturersDr. Paolo Tiso (ETH Zurich), Patrick Onck (RUG), Frans van der Meer (TUD), Dr. C.L. Walters (TUD), Matthijs Langelaar (TUD), Hans Goosen (TUD), Fred van Keulen

20 & 21 May 2021: Optimization and parameter identification

Date20 & 21 May 2021
Coordinatordr. ir. M. (Matthijs) Langelaar
LecturersP. Etman (TU/e), M. Langelaar (TUD), J. Havinga (UT)

12-13-14 April 2021: Continuum Thermodynamics

Date12-14 April 2021
Coordinatordr. S.R. (Sergio) Turteltaub
LecturersS. Turteltaub (TUD), A. Suiker (TU/e), V. Kouznetsova (TU/e)

25-28 Januari & 2-3 Februari, Advanced Dynamics

Date25-28 Januari & 2-3 Februari, 2021
CoordinatorDr. F. (Farbod) Alijani
LecturersFarbod Alijani (TUD)
Alejandro Aragon (TUD)
Peter G. Steeneken (TUD)
Pierpaolo Belardinelli (University of Marche)
Hassan HosseinNia (TUD)
Dario Di Maio (UT)
Marcel Ellenbroek (UT)
Jurnan Schilder (UT)
Peter Wellens (TUD)
Gerard Verbiest (TUD)

16 -18 December 2020: Mechanics of large deformations

Date16 – 18 December 2020
CoordinatorDr. Javad Hazrati
Lecturersprof. A.H. van den Boogaard (UT), Dr. ir. Bert Geijselaers (UT), Dr. Semih Perdahcıoğlu (UT), Dr. Javad Hazrati(UT)

9-11 November & 23-25 November 2020: Multi-scale and micromechanics

Date9-11 November 2020
23 – 25 November 2020
Coordinatorprof. dr. ir. M.G.D. Geers
Lecturers Can Ayas (TUD), Yoeri van de Burgt (TU/e), Issam Doghri (Université Catholique de Louvain), Hans van Dommelen (TU/e), Marc Geers (TU/e), Johan Hoefnagels(TU/e), Markus Hütter (TU/e), Varvara Kouznetsova (TU/e), Regina Luttge (TU/e), Franscesco Maresca (Groningen University), Thomas Pardoen (Université Catholique de Louvain), Ron Peerlings (TU/e), Olaf van der Sluis (Philips research, TU/e)

30 September – 1 October 2020: Experimental Engineering Mechanics

Date30 September – 1 October, 2020
LocationOnline J. (Johan) Hoefnagels
LecturersJohan Hoefnagels (TUe),

11-13 May 2020: Discontinuities, interfaces, fluidstructure interaction multi‐phase problems

Date11-13 May 2020
LocationOnline E.H. van Brummelen Harald van Brummelen (TU/e)
Dr. ir. Joris Remmers (TU/e)
Dr. ir. Clemens Verhoosel (TU/e)

April 2020: Mechanics in Microsystems

DateApril 2020
LocationDelft University of Technology
CoordinatorDr. ir. H. (Hans) Goosen
LecturersHans Goosen (TUD),

5-6 March, 2020: Solving Structural Acoustic Coupled problems

Date5-6 March, 2020
LocationEindhoven University of Technology, University of Twente Y.H. Wijnant
LecturersDr. ir. Ysbrand Wijnant (UT), Ines Arteaga Lopez (TU/e)

5-6 December 2019: Solution methods in computational mechanics (EM-JMBC)

Date5-6 December 2019
LocationEindhoven University of Technology
Coordinatordr. ir. J.H.M. (Jan) ten Thije Boonkkamp
LecturersM. Anthonissen, J. ten Thije Boonkkamp

9-10 July 2019: Reliability, Lifetime and System Health

Date9-10 July 2019
LocationUniversity of Twente
CoordinatorProf. dr. ir. T. (Tiedo) Tinga
LecturersProf. dr. ir. Tiedo Tinga, Dr. ir. Richard Loendersloot, Dr. Alberto Martinetti, Prof. dr. Marielle Stoelinga

13-15 May & 3-5 June 2019: Stability of Structures

Date13-15 May 2019
3-5 June 2019
LocationDelft University of Technology
Coordinatorprof. dr. ir. F. (Fred) van Keulen
LecturersDr. Paolo Tiso (ETH Zurich), Patrick Onck (RUG), Frans van der Meer (TUD), Matthijs Langelaar (TUD), Hans Goosen (TUD), Fred van Keulen

6-7 December 2018: Mechanics of large deformations

Date6-7 December 2018
LocationUniversity of Twente A.H (Ton) van den Boogaard
LecturersProf. dr. ir. Ton van den Boogaard, Dr. ir. Bert Geijselaers, Dr. Semih Perdahcıoğlu, Dr. Javad Hazrati

12-14 November & 19-21 November 2018: Multi-scale and micro-mechanics

Date12-14 November 2018
19-21 November 2018
LocationOnline M.G.D. (Marc) Geers
LecturersCan Ayas (TUD)
Yoeri van de Burgt (TU/e)
Issam Doghri (Université Catholique de Louvain)
Hans van Dommelen (TU/e)
Marc Geers (TU/e)
Johan Hoefnagels(TU/e)
Markus Hütter (TU/e)
Varvara Kouznetsova (TU/e)
Regina Luttge (TU/e)
Patrick Onck (Groningen University)
Thomas Pardoen (Université Catholique de Louvain)
Ron Peerlings (TU/e)
Olaf van der Sluis (Philips research, TU/e)

10-11 September 2018: Experimental engineering mechanics

Date10-11 September 2018
LocationOnline J.P.M. (Johan) Hoefnagels
LecturersProf. Vikram Deshpande, Dr. Benoit Blaysat, Dr. ir. Matthijn de Rooij, Dr. ir. Wouter Grouve, Dr. ir. Mark van Turnhout

25-27 June & 2-4 July 2018: Advanced Dynamics

Date25-27 June 2018
2-4 July 2018
LocationDelft University of Technology
University of Twente
Coordinatordr. F. (Farbod) Alijani
LecturersFarbod Alijani(TUD), Peter G. Steeneken (TUD), Peter Wellens (TUD), Dennis de klerk (TUD), Maarten van der Seijs (TUD), Rob Fey (TU/e), Jurnan Schilder (UT), Marcel Ellenbroek (UT), Dario Di Maio (UT), Sebastian Schafhirt (Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy)

14-16 May 2018: Discontinuities, interfaces, fluid-structure interaction and multi-phase problems

Date14-16 May 2018
LocationEindhoven University of Technology E.H. (Harald) van Brummelen
LecturersHarald van Brummelen, Joris Remmers, Clemens Verhoosel

10-11 April 2018: Mechanics in micro-systems

Date10-11 April 2018
LocationDelft University of Technology J.F.L. (Hans) Goosen
LecturersHans Goosen, Merlijn Sprengen, Banafsheh Sadjadi, Murali Ghatkesar

25-26 January 2018: Solving Structural Acoustic Coupled Problems

Date25-26 January 2018
LocationEindhoven University of Technology I. (Ines) Lopez
LecturersInes Lopez (TU/e), Ysbrand Wijnant (UT)