The Graduate School on Engineering Mechanics has been established with the aim to strengthen research and education in the field of engineering mechanics in The Netherlands. The EM Graduate School intends to be a platform that, on the basis of a number of selected research themes, fosters long-term knowledge and skills in the engineering mechanics field. Although operating primarily at a national level, it intends to stimulate international collaborative research projects within the research themes. Within the foregoing global objectives the following more specific objectives can be formulated:

  • Training of PhD-students to become qualified independent researchers in the field of engineering mechanics according to international standards. To this end, a series of high-quality graduate courses is developed on specific subjects.
  • Co-ordination and tuning of the engineering mechanics research activities in the participating groups. Furthermore, the Graduate School aims at strengthening the available infrastructure for research in engineering mechanics. It can be stated that the present infrastructure meets high international standards.
  • Selection of the main research themes in engineering mechanics carried out within the Graduate School EM. These research themes are being characterized by a strong international position of the research in The Netherlands, while at the same time they are of importance for Dutch industry and society.
  • Strengthening of the international scientific position and the international visibility of The Netherlands in the engineering mechanics field.
  • Guarding the standards of undergraduate education in the engineering mechanics area at the Dutch universities. This is done in particular by influencing policies with respect to the appointment of professors and other senior staff in this area.