26th Engineering Mechanics Symposium

October 30 – 31, 2023Hotel Papendal, Arnhem
Koiter LecturerProf. Dr. Ernst Rank
Green mechanics
Advanced Discretization and Solution Techniques
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Poster Contest
Britt Cordewener (TUe) – A numerical framework for the electro-mechanical analysis of conductive tracks in printed electronics
Fleur Hendriks (TUe) – Graph Neural Networks with Embedded Symmetries for Robust Computational Homogenization
Tom Asijee (UT) – Laser Assisted Fibre Placement of Thermoplastic Composites From the theory behind Disney movies to aircraft
Sijmen Zwarts (TUD) – Finding the Evolution law of Representative Elementary Volume Convergence
PhD Presentation
Lars Janssen (TUe) – Cut-Off Frequency Selection with Guaranteed Assembly Accuracy in Component Mode Synthesis
Floriana Anselmucci (UT) – Enhancing Soil Strength through Vegetation: Green Mechanics in Geotechnical Engineering
Hugo Verhelst (TUD) – Isogeometric Analysis of Wrinkling
Saber Shakibi (RuG) – Towards a Multiscale Model of the Brain ECM