Advisory Board

The Advisory Board, consisting of representatives from industry and applied research institutes, advises the Governing Board on strategic matters concerning research and education of the EM Graduate School. P. (Peter) van den Berg
Deltares Geo-engineering
PO Box 177
2600 MH Delft F.J. (Frederic) Blom
PO Box 25
1755 ZG Petten

ir. H.J. (Henk Jan) ten Hoeve
National Aerospace Laboratory NLR
Aerospace Vehicles Division
Voorsterweg 31
8316 PR Marknesse E. H. (Eisso) Atzema
TATA Steel Research Development & Technology
Postbus 512
1970 AM IJmuiden

ir. H.C.L. (Hugo) Vos
DEMCON advanced mechatronics Delft B.V.

r. Ir. A.W.J. Gielen (Sander)
ASML Research/Scanner/ Flow &
De Run 6501
5504 DR, Veldhoven

dr. ir. R. (Rob) Willekers