25th Engineering Mechanics Symposium

October 25 -26, 2022Hotel Papendal, Arnhem
Koiter lecturerProf. Michael Ortiz
WorkshopsMachine learning
Molecular and particle-based mechanics
Additive manufacturing
Material and structural health monitoring
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Symposiumbook (49mb)
Final Programme
Poster Contest
Florian Brunner (RuG) – Predictive modelling of liquid metal induced fracture in Fe-based alloys
Joep Storm (TUD) – Mesh-based surrogate for FE2 microstructure simulations
Yannick Buser ( UT) – Inducttion Heating of UD c/PAEK. What thermography can teach us about eddy currents
Dennis König (TUe) – Micromechanical characterization of Zinc coatings and high entropy alloys (Next-Coat)
Phd Presentation ContestVarun Shah (RUG) – Unravelling the atomic scale interaction of H with
dislocations in iron
Luca Palmeira Belotti (TU/e) – On the anisotropy of wire arc additively manufactured parts
Tijmen Vermeij (TU/e) – Unraveling plasticity and damage in multi-phase steels through dedicated integrated “2D” experimental-numerical testing
Lei Zhang (RUG) – Atomistic fracture in bcc iron revealed by active
training of machine learning potential