19th Engineering Mechanics symposium

October 23-25, 2016Papendal
Koiter lecturerProf. Kurt Maute, University of Colorado
Workshop topicsOptimisation and additive manufacturing
Multi-physics and coupled problems
Experimental mechanics
Dynamics at the small scale

Biezeno award

Apostolos Tsoulavals (TUD)Underwater noise generated by offshore pile driving

Presentation prize winners

Emiel van de Ven (TUD)Imposing the minimum overhang angle in topology
optimisation for additive manufacturing
Masoud Dorosti (TU/e)Iterative pole-zero model updating for prediction of
performance variables
Hao Shi (UT)Experimental investigation of limestone powders using
different shear devices
Farnaz Tajdari (UT)Numerical modeling of electrical-mechanical-acoustical
behavior of a lumped acoustic source driven by a piezo-
electric stack actuator

Poster prize winners

PJ.D. Brandsen (TUD)Shape optimisation for dynamic fluid-structure
interaction problems
A. Mannheim (TU/e)Towards viable nuclear fusion reactors
S. Liu (UT) Parameter study of friction surface cladding of
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