21st Engineering Mechanics symposium

October 23-24, 2018Papendal
Koiter lecturerProf. William Curtin
Workshop topicsModel reduction
Designer materials
Energy systems and materials
Model based sensing and instrumentation

Biezeno award

Pim Versteijlen (TUD)Identification of effective 1D soil models for large-diameter offshore wind turbine foundations based on in situ seismic measurements and 3D modelling

Presentation prize winners

Boukje de Gooijer (UT)Reduction methods in metamodeling of metal forming processes
Max van der Kolk (TUD)Topology optimization of transient thermo-mechanical metamaterials
Awital Mannheim (TU/e) Tungsten in the fusion reactor wall: predicting and improving the microstructural evolution, using multi-scale modelling
Robin Dolleman (TUD)Graphene gas- and osmotic pressure sensors

Poster prize winners

V. Shah (TU/e)Spatially dependent kinetics of helium in tungsten under
fusion conditions
B. de Gooijer (UT)Propagation of variation through multi-stage metal
forming processes
A. Chandrashekar (TUD)On the dynamical integrity of tapping mode atomic
force microscopy