20th Engineering Mechanics symposium

October 23-25, 2017Papendal
Koiter lecturerProf. Zhigang Suo, University of Harvard
Workshop topicsProcessing and manufacturing
Accurate and fast computing
Fracture and damage mechanics
Non-linear dynamics

Biezeno awardee

H. (Hayo) Hendrikse
Ice-induced vibrations of offshore structures

Presentation prize winners

Yabin Yang (TUD)Computationally efficient thermo-mechanical modelling
metal additive manufacturing
Rody van Tuijl (TU/e) Wavelet-Reduced Order Modelling
Rianne Luimes (TU/e)Climate-induced cracks in wooden art objects
Mark Rijnen (TU/e)On closed-loop trajectory tracking for impacting
mechanical systems

Poster prize winners

F. Bormann (TU/e)Nano-scale study on dislocation induced phase
boundary decohesion
O. Nejadseyfi (UT)Analytical assessment of uncertainty propagation
during metal forming processes
E.A. van de Ven (TUD)Continuous front propagation-based overhang control
for topology optimization with additive manufacturing